A Diwali away from home

The earliest memories of celebrating Diwali is of my childhood with my grandmother performing the pujas (prayers), and we kids eagerly waiting for it to end so that we can gorge on the sweets and the sumptuous food. This was followed by bursting different kinds of fireworks. When I grew old, this tradition was then replaced with going on long road trips within the country with my cousins. Indian festivals in US usually mean remembering old times, long hours chat with parents back home and a wish that these holidays pass away quickly, because to be honest Diwali is not special unless its celebrated back home and with your loved ones.

But this year, thanks to my colleague Anu for inviting me over at her place for the holiday. Yes, I carried my camera to document this special occasion and it was wonderful capturing the energy of these kids.  It was good going back the memory lane and see the kids excitement for fireworks or the nervousness of being near them. The adults were equally enthusiastic and it was nice to see the tradition being preserved and the festival celebrated with the same vigor as back in India.