Caught in the Mayhem

While wandering on the streets of Downtown San Jose casually taking pictures, somebody on the VTA train station told me there is a soccer match between Mexico and Chile at Levis Stadium near Great America. A train filled with Mexico fans headed to the stadium then arrived and I along with my camera jumped into the jam packed train. Inside the train, I interacted with a couple of fans, clicked pictures standing in the tiny space. Though my station was a few stops before the stadium, I decided to go the the stadium and capture the crowd's energy minutes before the game. The crowd cheered at every station the train stopped, getting in more Mexico fans.  It has been a hiatus before I shot for my college newspaper - The Daily Texan so this was a small assignment for me in California. Capturing people smiles, excitement, tailgating, cheering for their home country in a different land was an exhilarating experience for me.