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 A lot of senior immigrants come to Indian places of workshop like temples, Gurudwara when they are in the US to spend their time. While some are just visiting their kids working in Silicon Valley, others stay longer and a few cannot go back to India even if they want to because their age doesn't allow them to take long flights. Most of the senior immigrants I talked to had one common thread tying them - loneliness, lack of social connections and community here in the US. This photo is from the Sikh Gurudwara in San Jose where a lot of seniors come to pray and also volunteer. Some while away their time reading Indian newspapers.
 While some kids drop their parents to the Indian community center, there are many who have to use the Paratransit to come there. 
 Ramesh Mathur has a fun moment with other seniors at the Indian Community Center, Milpitas. He tries to come to ICC almost every day. ICC has senior programs like Karaoke, Dance, Yoga for seniors. Ramesh's wife died 4 years ago and he tries his level best to be independent. Though his son lives in California, his daughter is in Atlanta.
 (from L-R) Kishan Prahar, Rumila Ghai, Rani Grover pose for portraits at the Indian Community Center, Milpitas. They frequent the center and attend the senior programs held there. 
 Amarjeet Paintal, 85 yr old is a senior Indian immigrant living alone in South San Jose. He immigrated to US from India 43 years ago. He has 3 sons, 1 daughter in California who visits him sometimes. Even at this age, he does all household chores by himself, TV with Indian soaps is always running in his house. Sometimes in the evening, he loves to make a drink and enjoys it by himself. 
 Neelkamal Mehra, dances on a Bollywood song at the Diwali celebration at the Saratoga Indian Community Center. She immigrated from India and has been in the US for the past 51 years. She and her husband both moved from Richmond, Virginia to move closer to their kids in California. "It was a difficult move to leave friends behind of over 30 years" "But anyways, this part of your life, you want to be closer to your kids", she says. They now live alone in Saratoga, California.
 Seniors celebrate Gopi's Godhwani and her husband Khemu Godhwani 50th anniversary at the Indian Community Center (ICC), Milpitas, California. Gopi is a Director and the chair for senior Programs at the ICC.  She started this program in 2003.
    Gogia Makhan, 81 dresses as a Santa during the Christmas celebration for seniors at the Indian community center at Cupertino. 
 Indu Chhabra, 65, is suffering from Retinitis pigmentosa and lost her vision in 1991. She lives alone in San Jose and has one son and two grandkids, who visits her on weekends. She loves to live an independent life and  involves herself in various senior programs at the Indian Community Center. She also enjoys dancing to Bollywood music and has performed on stage several times. Despite being visually impaired, she has taken long flights to travel to India alone to visit her family.
 Amarjeet Paintal, 85, likes to walk inside a shopping mall almost everyday. "It's difficult to walk outside as my eyesight is weak", he says. He also likes to try out various food samples at some restaurants inside.
 A worn down sign at the Anniversary Celebration at Indian Community Center.
 Fatima Begum , 82 years is living in one of the assisted care facility in Fremont. She recently had an open heart surgery and since she cannot be treated at home, her doctor advised her to stay here. Originally from Hyderabad, India she has been living with her sons in the US for the past 15 years. One of her son's living nearby comes daily to visit to give her lunch. She was talking on the phone to her brother's daughter living in Chicago when I took this photo. "You cannot make a call from here, but people can call you.", she says. 
 Many elderly Indian immigrants spend time at temples in the Bay area. They listen to religious songs and celebrate Indian religious festivals here. The temples often serves lunch and organizes various programs. 
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